Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Rhyme Of The Non-Rakebakerer

Every now and again, dear Melted Felt readers, I go a little - well - literary on you all. Today is one of those days where, knowing full well it will make f all difference, I'll endeavor to bring a little classic poetry into your mundane, self-serving lives.

Now, If I told you that this one was originally written by the MTT triple crown winner SammyKGB1234 would you be more interested? Probably not huh? Well, his usual name is Samuel Taylor Coleridge, he is long dead - and this is my attempt (attempt dear readers, attempt) at taking part of the Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner, and using it to express the emotional pain and soul-wrenching anguish of those who joined Full Tilt before rakeback - and now can not get switched over.

Mostly from part #2 of the original, since the chances of you recognizing any of part #1 were pretty close to the chances of anyone from the UB scandal ever being brought to justice... erm, zip!

The Rhyme Of The Non-Rakebackerer

Part #1

It is a non-rakebackerer
And he whineth at thee
'By the clicketh of mouse and tearful eye
Now wherefore the rakeback for me?

Part #2

Rakeback, rakeback, every where
Said all the donks in glee
Rakeback, rakeback, every where
Nor any drop for me

About, about in donk and suckout
Ye donators limped by night;
The rakeback, rake-race, free bankrolls
Burnt green, dollars set alight

And some in dreams so assured were,
The refusal that plagued me plainly;
From the depths of the micros followed us
To Steps, to Rush, then KO Bounty

And every forum, through bitter hate
Fish gloating, boasting, hushed thy going broke;
My chat ban burned me, to thrice frustrate
The rakeback donkeys, ere more loudly spoke

Ah! Well-a-day! What Injustice fuels
I played for years here old and young
Instead my cross, to payeth full rake;
About my neck was hung.


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