Monday, 9 August 2010

Players Return To Cake Poker After Jones’ Hat Fix

Back! At least until a big music festival starts just down the river from me towards the end of this week. During my break there has been a ton of exciting and dramatic poker news. So exciting that it has already been largely forgotten, in fact the same old poker news websites will – even as I type – be changing the names and republishing it as new.

I am relieved to reveal that the ‘security troubles’ at Cake Poker are over.

Trouble started when someone who knew a lot about computers revealed that in a completely improbable set of circumstances, using hi-tech tools which not even the creators understand properly on the 3rd Tuesday of every month – player’s hole cards may be revealed as a reflection in Lee Jones’ superbly polished bald head.

Cake Poker immediately yawned, raised an eye-brow, sipped their coffee and then let out a slightly exasperated short sigh. While it was obvious that the chances of someone cracking into the system were infinitely remote compared to the rewards of watching just how badly the cracked player played his $5 SNG, the whining coming from the (mostly losing) masses of poker players would mean a fix was required.

Lee Jones, being the man – stepped straight up to the mark after a key aspect of seeing player’s hole cards was revealed to be the reflection of them on his bald head. After trying on various baseball caps, trilbies, a fez, home knitted bobble hats, balaclavas, berets, turbans, motorcycle helmets and cowboy hats – Lee decided that simply donning a deerstalker would prevent his highly polished noddle risking the integrity of those games in the future. Oh and he went to his local computer store and bought SSL for dummies while wearing it too.

Meanwhile those same hordes of vocal players who did not play on Cake in the first place got a little bored and moved their storm creating services to the next teacup.


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