Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Brits Maintain Great Humor Traditions By Letting Hansen Win WSOPE Bracelet

Well, us Brits might have bad teeth, bad weather and a bad record at international sporting events… but one thing we can be very proud of is our tradition of drinking 8 pints of strong lager fast before kicking the shi [back on topic please – Ed], no, sorry, erm, I meant that we can be proud of our tradition of humor, that was it, you know – funny stuff.

The Brit-list contains the cream of people who sometimes make you laugh, including such names as Monty Python, Monty Python, and, erm, oh yeah - Monty Python… The poker world was in for a humor-overload this week as the London based staff of the WSOPE decided to have a bit of a chuckle – allegedly using fixed decks to let none other than Gus Hansen win the heads-up bracelet.

Hansen, who only very recently won his first ever pot in an online cash game, used to win poker tournaments way back – when opponents used to fold every time they did not have aces. As the poker world progressed and people realized what a continuation bet, semi bluff and squeeze actually were Hansen crumbled… going on a losing streak that would bankrupt players with less lucrative sponsorship deals.

According to staff the decision was made to let Hansen take the heads-up bracelet was made one night in the pub over a pint of wife-beater and packet of scampi flavored fries. “Well,” said Cherry, a single mother of six who was dealing cards as a nice quiet break from prostitution, “all these big names flashing the cash, we thought it would be fun to see if we could let the fish win for once” continuing, “did you like the 2 on the river? Brian thought of that half way through a kebab last Thursday.”

Well, the £288,000 first prize is certainly not chump change to most of us… apparently Ivey, Durrrr and Antonius are already considering a $2 million prop bet for whoever takes it from Gus first…


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