Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Gus Hansen Wins Hand In Online Cash Game

We specialize in bringing you the shocking side of poker news, dear Melted Felt readers. Today we will go beyond shocking, turn left at the traffic lights just after amazing, travel 3 miles before leaving at the intersection marked incredible - and then order a big portion of jaw-droppingly unbelieveable, with large fries and a diet coke at the drive through window of completely awe-struck [Thats enough of that cr*p, get on with the story - Ed]

Last night, as often happens, the high stakes poker pros logged on to Full Tilt to play some hands with pot sizes which seem too big to be real - but actually are. The usual stuff happened, Dwan lost a pot to Ivey, the won one from South, Who lost one to Antonius, who won one from Hansen and so on.

Then, something incredible happened. Something that the poker world had really not expected - Gus Hansen actually won a pot - in a cash game!! Here is how the high-stakes action went down:

It started when Hansen raised 3 times the $400 big blind from the C/O and was called by Dwan in the big blind. The Flop came down 4-7-Q with 2 hearts and Dwan Checked his option. Hansen now fired 1650 into the pot of $2600 - Dwan thought for a moment and made the call - bringing the pot close to $5,000. The turn brought a harmless looking 2 of clubs, and Dwan once again checked. This time Hansen bet $3450 into the pot and Tom Dwan folded - shipping the pot Hansens way!!

Twitter sprang to life immediately, the forums buzzed with the news - railbirds worldwide sat open mouthed at their screens.. little bits of dribble oozing from the corner of their mouths.

Was it a mis-click, did Hansen really win a pot in a cash game? Am I dreaming...

We think this could very well mark a turning point for the Danish Pro, who, according to the voices in our head, has lost more than $200,000,000 this month alone at the cash tables. We expect to see videos, tedious poker news site write ups and innane forum commentary on insignificant pots at any time now....


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