Sunday, 12 September 2010

International Relief As 'Theory Of Poker' Burning Cancelled

Poker players in violent nations worldwide breathed a sigh of relief yesterday, dear Melted Felt readers. As pastor John Cleese, no, erm, I mean Terry Jones, did not in fact go ahead with the burning of their sacred text – Sklansky’s ‘Theory Of Poker’.

Jone’s plan had already drawn criticism from around the world, with poker players in Afganistan actually stopping making roadside bombs for long enough to attempt a raid on a local distributor of ‘Harrington On Holdem’

Obama himself criticized the planned burning, publicly stating that everyone knew that playing your hand differently to how you would play it if you knew what your opponent held was an issue of national security. Later calling for a new hardback edition of ‘Supersystem’ with added chapters in Budugi and Capped PLO game strategy to help strengthen the generally f-ked up economy.

It seems that instead of completely canceling the burning, Pastor Michael Palin, no, sorry, I meant Terry Jones, had left open the option of setting fire to the seminal poker-tome at some later date. Suggesting that it can be correct in some circumstances to turn down a positive expectation bonfire of books, in order to have a higher expectations on future literary pyres… mind you, he might have been bluffing.


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