Thursday, 9 September 2010

Re-Usable High Stakes Online Poker News Template

Are you a blogger? Writer for a popular poker news site? Writer for a non-popular poker news site which simply copies articles from the popular news sites? Forum ‘expert’ on the high stakes action???

Well, even if you are just an interested player – grab a coin and a dice* and enjoy or generic – and oh so slightly random - high stakes review article that you can use again and again, they'll never know the f-in difference.

During this article creation template we will randomize both the players, size of wins and the dull coin-flip and equity based easy calls which get reported as news.

This is where your dice* comes in handy, take flip of your coin for the 'heads' or 'tails' list and roll a number choose from the players below each time a player is required in your article, if you duplicate then just roll again:

Heads List:

1 – Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan
2 – Gus Hansen
3 – Phil Ivey
4 – Cole South
5 – Brian Hastings
6 – Ziigmund

Tails List:

1 – Jungleman12
2 – Phil Galfond
3 – Patrik Antonius
4 – David Oppenheim
5 – Isildur1
6 – URnotINdanger2

Next we give a summary, detailing ‘last nights action’, note we will fill this up with adjectives which make the completely dull action sound exciting!

In enthralling night of high stakes action some massive pots changed hands, the eye-watering PLO and NLHE games saw many fantastic 5 figure pots and some amazing soul-reads. When the dust settled {Player X}, {Player Y} and {Player Z} were the big winners of the night with {Player A} finishing the session a cool {roll the dice* here then add 5 random figures} so, $591,318 ahead. With the biggest losers being {Player B} and {Player C}, who lost an eye-watering (Roll + 5 random digits again) bringing their total loss for the month to (multiply last nights loss by 2.38).

(Next we mention some specific big hands, and go into the play a little without actually explaining the thinking)

One huge pot came up in the No Limit Holdem match between {Player X} and {Player G}. X opened from the button with (insert mid strength hand here) and was 3 bet by G, the flop came (insert any reasonably draw heavy board here) giving player A top pair and a flush draw, player G lead for the pot and player X re-raised all in. When the dust settled player G’s flop set of 6’s was not good enough to beat the nut flush and the pot of (Roll+5 random figures) was pushed player X’s way.

(1 or two more of these required to flesh out the article, dear Melted Felt readers, if you can include some coin-flip type PLO hands then all the better.)

We end with a quick summary of who is up and down on the week and on the month – this again requires your coin and dice* combination. My last suggestion is to roll the dice 3 times to get a big score – and then put this next to Gus Hansen’s name as a monthly ‘down’, it should add that plausibility to your article and stop people questioning the rest of the piece… not that they will, in fact you can produce the same article over and over and the average high stakes fans will be none the wiser.


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