Friday, 1 October 2010

Nits Up In Arms After FTP Change Rake Calculation

It is not often you hear from nits, dear Melted Felt readers, usually they are just there – clicking away mining sets and generally alerting anyone who is half awake to fold fast when they do eventually bet. Today the nits are out in force, standing alongside the rocks and short-stackers to cry ‘foul’ at the latest changes over at Full Tilt Poker.

These changes involve the way that rake is calculated. Whereas previously you only had to be dealt into the hand to receive a tasty morsel of rakeback – now you have to actually contribute to the pot before chomping a bolus of change. Not only that, the size of your contribution to the pot will now determine what proportion of the rake comes to you.

In other words, instead of getting everyone else’s rake, players will only get that good old fashioned 27% of their own rake back. If I were head of a marketing department I’d come up with a catchy – yet short – term for this system… maybe ‘Rakeback’ would work well?

Making playing at 8/6 over 16 tables unprofitable will probably loosen up the games and make them more profitable for those players who actually enjoy playing poker. Though as we found out speaking to ‘Jed’ from MN, it has left the careers of some players in tatters.

“My story started back in 2005”, began Jed, “I dropped out of business school after realizing that it was possible to make a great living by clicking the ‘fold’ button at Full Tilt Poker”. Pausing to pull a particularly annoying hair from his nostril, Jed continued, “I started off folding at 5c / 10c and worked my way up to not playing many hands at $1 / $2 where folding could earn me a great hourly rate”. The bitterness apparent as our pro continued, “I was living the American fcking dream, exercising my constitutional right to sit in a dark room for 12 hours a day with extremely poor personal hygiene as a professional ‘folder’”

We put it to Jed that the solution was simple – he just needed to play a few more pots, maybe a 12 /10 or 14/9 kind of style ought to do it?

He just stared at us blankly for what seemed like seconds, before shrugging and admitting that – like all the other professional folders – he never actually learned how to play poker, and after all, the games are getting tougher and tougher…

If you are a nit affected by this decision please feel free to write and tell is how you managed to delude yourselves that you were positive contributors to the poker economy for so long, after reading all the crap here at Melted Felt, we could do with a laugh.


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