Friday, 22 October 2010

Now On Pre-Order: Harrington On Poker Halls Of Fame, Vol 1

Do not be frightened, dearest Melted Felt readers, it was not a ghost, ghoul or ghastly apparition you just saw – just the friendly yet pale face of former WSOP winner and prolific author Dan Harrington.

You see, Action Dan just got admitted to the ultimate poker players club – the poker hall of fame. According to the ever reliable source of those voices in our head, no sooner was the entry confirmed than the short-dial button to Bill Roberty was clicked and yet another book started.

Yes, dear readers for just $29.95 you can be the proud order of ‘Harrington On Halls Of Fame – Volume 1’. Here is a sneak preview of the contents:

- Harrington’s ‘H’, how the changing H score affects your strategy at various times during your quest to enter a hall of fame.
- Different types of bluff and how to effectively deceive your opponents concerning the strength of your hall of fame claim.
- Nomination Odds, how to adjust your bet sizing to ensure you see the best possible nomination odds by the river.
- Judge Texture, Dan the man explains how the make up of the judging panel combines with the strength of your hand to influence how much money you *ahem* need to *cough* “bet”.
- How To Get Bill Robertie to write yet another book for you, by merely hinting at a possible mere mention of those polaroid latex gimp suit pictures from 1983.

I’m looking forward to the advanced strategy in volume 2, which details how to build a huge highly leveraged empire in real estate – which as everyone knows, only ever goes up in price… no, wait….


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