Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Quick Fire Tuesday - A Poker News Roundup

A quick fire bullet point in your face round up today, Dear Melted Felt readers. News is coming in thick and fast… starting with some sad news about the Bogdog Poker Open.

- Yes, dear readers, the scheduled events as sh1te poker site Bogdog’s premier online poker tournament festival were supposed to be 3 handed. However, one of Bogdog’s 3 players has called in sick with a bit of a sore throat and a general all-over ache… meaning that the events will have to be heads-up. Shame, as someone would have had a lucrative bye to the final table of the actual heads-up event.

- Beavers ran for safety last week as angry North Westerners lashed out after being banned from Pokerstars by some f-cked up judges in Washington State. News on the grapevine is that use of Proxies and other technology is working well – forcing Stars to put measures in place to catch the crafty north-west folks. This includes a logoed ‘booster shoe’ in the VIP store, having one leg shorter than the other up there these guys simply can not resist the chance to have something stop them walking round in circles – and so try to order the 5 inch elevated left shoes… getting themselves banned in the process. Rumor has it that Stars are developing special software to spot players with permanently open dribbling mouths too….

- David Vamplew took down the EPT London this week for a cool £900,000 – I estimate this as around £100,000 short of the amount such an ugly looking geek might need to actually get laid (bitter? Who me?!)

- Finally, Carlos Mortensen has been chosen to captain the Spanish team for the World Team Poker event. Other team members include Carlos Mortensen, C Mortensen, Mr Mortensen and some guy called Carlos M… while it is hoped some other players from Spain will actually understand poker in time for the event, the evidence we have seen online makes this outcome extremely doubtful…


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