Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Quick Fire Wednesday - Poker News Roundup

Time for another quick-fire round up of the online poker news, dear Melted Felt readers, as we reach the middle of a week in which bots were banned, the French rioted and Phil Ivey shocked the world by admitting for the first time that he may actually have a dick, no, erm, we mean might actually be tiltable.

- First up 100's of poker bots are to appeal against their ban from Full Tilt this week, on the grounds that they are actually good for the game. The software-based poker players argue that by providing liquidly to the games and generating a ton of rake, that they are actually contributing to the poker economy and a making money for the poker room. Sounds uncannily like the argument used by the rakeback grinders to me... ah well, at least the bots occasionally make bets without a set.

- Next news that French historians have been called on to do a 'Charles-de-Gaul job', and fast. After a German living in London won the French Championship Of Online Poker, the nation of onion selling soap-dodgers were appauled. Calling on their historians was the obvious option, after all they did a great job of convincing the entire French population that the US and UK were absolutely nothing to do with their liberation at the end of WW2... so 'frenchifying' the FCOOP should be a piece of gateaux.

- Phil Ivey made the news this week, after a craps session in the Wynne he was reported as, well, tilting really - handing out obscenties and all that. Now, since we know it is possible I'd like to announce a special Melted Felt contest. Simply be the first to tilt Ivey at the poker tables any time between now and the 26th October 2010 - and I will personally give you a fully trained adult live Sealion. Now, come on folks, what other poker blog offers prizes like that?


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