Monday, 22 November 2010

Quick Fire Monday - Poker News Round Up

It’s Monday, It’s quick, It’s fire… no, hang on a minute, well it is definitely Monday… good enough? Anyway, with poker news under such huge pressure it is streaming out of our orifices… we bring you news of an auction, an aborted share sale and news that you can now play Rush Poker while having a sh1t,

First up, news that the ever-entertaining Tony G is determined to win Peter Eastgate’s WSOP winning bracelet – which has been put up for auction on eBay – and make it into a dog collar for Phil Hellmuth, no, sorry, I mean't his dog 'Zasko'. With 100% of the profits going to charity which does something vaguely good to do with children, the story definitely has the ahhhhh factor. Tony G may or may not be looking for more items for Zasko when this auction concludes – our money is on Chris Ferguson’s cowboy boots, Brunson’s false teeth and, erm, Daniel Negreanu.

Next to the world of big business, where the IPO of Hurrah’s has been withdrawn. A spokesman for the deal cited that the withdrawal was 100% for reasons other than the fact that nobody whatsoever wanted to buy it. There were apparently many of these reasons, including complicated economics and stuff which they could demonstrate using colorful graphs if we really want, and that they were really really sorry to disappoint all those masses of people who were just itching to buy...

Rush Poker is already responsible for decimating the bankrolls of many formerly profitable grinders. One big problem with the game was that players needed to stop when they needed to take a ‘number 2’… the great news – the invention of Rush Mobile means you can now continue to generate rake for Howard while ‘sitting on the throne’ things have moved on since the days of retiring with a newspaper!


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