Friday, 5 November 2010

The Melted Felt Guide To The November Nine

It only seems like 5 minutes ago, dear Melted Felt readers, when the last interesting poker personality was dumped out of the 2010 World Series and we wandered off to grab a snack. Now, sensationally, they are b-b-b-b-b-back… the 9 surviving players in this years biggest poker tournament are preparing to do battle, hacks worldwide are getting ‘when the dust cleared’ and other clich├ęs ready for the write-ups and we are trying really hard to remember who those other 8 dudes playing Michael Mizrachi actually were… let me assist you, with the Melted Felt cut-out-and-keep (well, after printing it) guide to the November 9.

1 – Michael Mizrachi – The Mizrachi family of 1,743 bothers were actually part of an early cloning experiment which went wrong. By having more then 25% of the field, the chances of a Mizrachi final tablist were strong. The grinder is a feared poker pro who some people had actually heard of before the event, or was that his brother?

2 – Random White Guy With A Big Stack – We seem to recall one of the random whiteys had quite a lot of chips, no beard, and was not a logger. If previous years are anything to go by we would bet a lot of cash on this guy coming 2nd, in fact I’m going to my bookmaker now to ask for the line...

3 – Wasn’t There An Asian Looking One? Yeah, damn sure there was.

4 – Wassis-Name – You know, played that big hand with thingi-mi-jig and rivered a 10, or was it on the turn. Anyway, this guy is bound to have some chips, well, they all are really.

5 – Thingy-ma-jig – Well, have you been paying attention, he probably has a small stack, after playing that hand with Wassis-name

6 – Its-On-The-Tip-Of-My-Tongue – You know, that online player who we have all been huge fans of for many years, plays under the name, erm, hang on a bit… I have it written down here somewhere. Might use the avatar of the man-eating plant on Full Tilt, or was that someone else…

7 – That Bland Looking One – The player in his late 20’s or maybe early 30’s, looks ordinary enough, kind of boring really. You can spot this guy at the tables by the way he absent mindedly ruffles his chips. I’d expect he has a medium sized stack and will inevitably bust around half way through the final table.

8 – Was there another Asian guy? Just have this feeling we might be one Asian-American short of a full final table in our summary.

9 – The Stand-In – Would we know if they had switched one of the players? Really, would we know??

Hope that helps, right, decision made – I’m off to my bookies to put $1000 on Wassis-name.


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