Monday, 8 November 2010

Shaun Deeb Joins Bluefire Poker Training

Monday mornings do not get much easier for the writers of poker satire blogs than this, dear Melted Felt readers. Sometimes the poker news lurks in dark corners, under rocks or, well, in the very last place you look. Other times it smacks you around the head like a giant frying pan in a slapstick comedy, complete with ‘booooiinngggg; noise.

Well, where do you think that Shaun Deeb signing with a poker training site fits in??

The former tournament maestro will be taking his personal brand of poker to the masses, filling in gaps in Bluefire’s video lineup including:

- Effective Berating Techniques: Ever been in a situation where you thought of an absolute killer reply around 10 minutes after the opponent who gave you a hard time moved tables? Well worry no more, Shaun is all lined up to teach ‘levels of breation’. Taking us from the basic put-downs all the way through to advanced techniques in making your previously proud opponent feel like a fool.

- Crushing Female Only Tournaments In Drag: No No, not the old ‘use a female user name’ online routine that everyone thinks is their own oh-so-fvcking original idea until they find themselves playing with 6 other supermodel pic avatars, 1 dog and 1 ugly baby. This is the real deal, including make-up tips, choosing a dress which best suits your complexion and how to get that cleavage just-right.

- Effective Middle Name Adoption: Well, Shaun ‘Fvucking’ Deeb has already gone… and this video will teach you to find your own subtle, yet effective middle name. Some of the killer techniques in this series will include planning a middle name over various career streets, getting your opponents to give the right middle name to you, and how to avoid choosing a middle name which makes you sound like a right twat in different languages.

We can’t wait!


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