Friday, 19 November 2010

The Washington State Poker Players Guide To Pumping Gas!

Now then now then, dear Melted Felt readers, Washington State seem to have elected politicians whose idea of power is to micro-manage away personal freedoms – especially when it comes to easy vote winning ‘moral hazards’ like gambling on the internet. One in particular Margarita Prentice has suggested on TV that the internet grinders whose livelihood she recently took away should ‘Go Pump Gas’.

Here at Melted Felt we like to rise above all the negativity, instead giving you – our valued readers – some practical assistance. You see, pumping gas is actually not that bad compared to grinding, you get to meet other Human beings, the work is a lot more varied than you are used to – and there are real prospects it turning into a blossoming career as a cashier or maybe car-wash operators.

Poker Players Gas Pumping Guide – Multi-Pumping

Of course, it makes sense to start with a single pump while you learn the basic principles of position, tank sizing, and dribble-equity. However, before long you will be bored and want to add more pumps. Starting with just two should be easy enough, though once you get to 4 or 6 pumping you will need to find a way of tracking the stats in a heads-up-pump display. Here we strongly advise not to mix standard, super-unleaded and diesel at the same time - especially when you will face many different levels of driving.

Now, you will want to move up levels to increase your earn-rate as you go along. Most gas pumping pros start out with the standard gas to gain some experience. The argument that you need to move quickly up to Super – where people respect your pumping – is just nonsense. If you can not make a great living with standard then you will be crushed by the higher-performance models. While we all love the extra skill involved in pumping deep-tanked, you will have to get used to a forecourt of many different tank depths and adjust your play accordingly, making a big all-in move on a scooter will usually end messily.

As a break-even gas pumper you will of course need rakeback in order to buy your meager supply of ramen noodles while your luck ‘evens out’. This is where the tougher decisions start – do you focus on single-pumping, where the individual tips will be bigger… or multi-pump, hoping that a small tip from each customer will be balanced by the larger number of tips overall?

Its a tough call, dear Melted Felt pumpers, and maybe you should call up Margarita Prentice’s office and ask for her advice…


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