Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lee Jones Resigns From Cake – The Real Story?

Shocking news, dear Melted Felt readers, to accompany your 4th portion of turkey curry and descent into all those horrible soft-centered chocs which nobody on the whole fvcking planet actually likes. I am referring to the resignation of Lee Jones, respected poker industry insider, published author and serial job-hopper who has suddenly left his position at Cake Poker.

Jones high profile job doing, erm, something vital or other was both extremely important and extra-high powered at Cake – so much so that he had a big job title, a really huge chair and was respected by all his peers who hoped to reach his level one day and do, well, whatever he does? Replying to forum threads, Jones would spell out the bright future for the Cake poker network, dashing any notions that things might be awry, promising to fix any player issues in double quick time - oh, and quite possibly to come round and beat you fvcking senseless if you insulted his customer service team, you scrawny little sh1t.

Such was his influence that several announcements were made concerning ‘great stuff’ which was going to happen ‘really soon’ and would be absolutely fantastic when it did finally occur!

Well, soon just never seemed to get here and *boom* Lee Jones is papering over those gaps in his CV once more as he returns to the job market, citing ‘disagreements’ with the management as the reason for his abrupt departure.

Speculation is currently running wild on various forums and blogs across the interweb. Could it be that there is not enough money to pay players? Something to do with the legislative efforts and Harry Reid bill perhaps? Could it be that Jones’ woke up one morning and actually realized that the Cake Software was sh1t? Payment processing getting too hard that they can no longer cope? You name the reason, and it was suggested.

We would like to speculate that the real truth was far more down to earth, dear Melted Felt readers… that Lee suddenly realized that the glowing respect of the upper management he thought enjoyed was not quite what it seemed. It all came down to the question of why… why oh why did they send him the latest Loreal Curling Tongs and Rehydrating Hot Oil hair treatment set as his Christmas gift??


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