Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Melted Felt 2010 Year In Review

Time flies, but aeroplanes crash as the saying goes, as another poker year draws to a close. It was the year in which you nearly broke through, the year where just a couple of coin-flips made all the difference, a year where you would have moved up levels to where they respect your raises – if only your luck had held out one fvcking time to allow you to build the bankroll to do so…

Enough about you (and don’t worry, I wont tell anyone!), this post is to take our traditional yearly look backwards and see what was making the poker news headlines through the year.

Jan: Poker changed for ever at the start of the year, when the ever innovative Full Tilt introduced Rush Poker, allowing players to bleed off their bankrolls a few cents at a time in rake faster than ever before. Don’t worry! The players collectively shout, we have rakeback which allows us to bleed off our bankrolls in rake somewhat slower than we otherwise would.

Feb: A storm in a teacup blew into a hurricane this about ‘Bumhunters’ this month on a popular poker forum… referring to heads-up players who deliberately spend their time looking for fish, rather than wasting time playing other grinders. It will go down in poker history as the point where trying to make a profit became, ‘uncool’… on a brighter note we did have a look at the
best poker energy drinks too.

March: This month saw the robbery of the EPT in Berlin – in which a million was stolen by masked armed men. They caught one, who squealed like a stuck pig – ensuring the whole gang are now behind bars. Sticking with the German theme we also reported on the political storm as a German tried (and seemingly failed) to introduce a word into the language for ‘fold’.

April: An Icelandic volcano blew a dust cloud so vast, that it stopped one particular American player getting some in time for the Sunday Million this month. Elsewhere Kentucky continued to throw toys out of their pram in a bid to control the entire internet, starting with those well known ‘gambling devices’ known as, erm, URLs!

May: Poker was discussed in the ‘ways and means’ committee this month, giving renewed hope of some sort of legislative solution by the end of the year. While hope has faded for now, we do appreciate that not having any poker bills to root for will be the equivalent of having repeatedly knocked your head against a brick wall for 4 years… kind of nice when it stops.

June: The world series came and went, and by now the excitement of the stars winning bracelet after bracelet will be forgotten… and you’ll only recall the main event from November. Our spoof piece about Hellmuth winning the main event was just a little too scary for some readers… though I appreciate the positive feedback for my list of 101 things to do during synchronized breaks.

Will continue with part #2 tomrrow (it is already written!)… a quick plug to finish though – I have a Facebook group for the Planet network of sites, and it would be great to see you come and join! I update with the proper strategy articles from SNG Planet and many other sites... The address is


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