Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Melted Felt Year In Review 2010 Part #2

I was going to start this post with something profound about watched pots, checking your watch every 5 minutes and watching the watchmen, Dear Melted Felt readers, then again… thought that maybe I should just crack on with the review of the year from roughly where the last piece left off.

July: Paul the octopus may have been murdered by residents of several countries, dear readers, however he had nothing on our slug, who in June of this year predicted the winner of the Sunday Million. In other news a team of Double-Or-Nothing colluders in China were awarded medals and promoted to senior positions within the Politburo.

August: A security flaw at Cake Poker was fixed after high stakes players revealed that you could see actually the reflection of cards as they were being dealt on Lee Jone’s head. There was also a spat this month between poker pros Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke… using the ‘c-word’.

September: Gus Hansen hit the news twice in Sept of 2010, firstly for winning his first ever hand at the online poker tables – after loosing a record 2,176,103 hands in a row to other high stakes pros. The Brits (hey, that’s me!) showed their great sense of humor at the end of the month by letting the Danish pro win a WSOPE bracelet… hehe.

October: Nits revolted this month as Full Tilt changed their rake calculation to 'contributed'… rather than paying hordes of micro grinders an insultingly low hourly age for folding 98% of hands over 16 tables. We also got our geopolitics all amiss for a while after a German living in London won the inaugural FCOOP.

November: Well, Tony G failing to win Eastgates WSOP bracelet for his dog caught our attention for a bit… oh and the November 9 was eventful for Joseph Cheong’s blow up! First non-Hockey thing Canada have won, like, ever – at least according to this post!

December: Going to be careful here, as I am not sure it is possible to review a month you are still in without getting into some kind of loop. Going to be careful here, as I am not… only joking – this was the liveliest month of the year in the poker news – what with talk of a 15 month blackout in the Harry Reid bill, that particular scenario seems to have passed… though with US politics you just never know!

Looking forward to news-filled 2011… come back soon for our suggestions for your 2011 poker resolutions.

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