Tuesday, 7 December 2010

PPA Donations Refund Request Template

Poker players throughout the US have been sh1tting a slightly runnier texture of than usual this week, dear Melted Felt readers. The reason being the shocking news that the price of regulated poker includes a forced 15 months of no games at all – and a nice bill from the IRS at the end of every winning year after that. It would also mean no Stars or Tilt for 4 years, and 5 years before being able to relieve those crazy Germans, Weak-tight Brits and maniac Dutchmen of their bankrolls on a regular basis.

In fact, legalized poker does not sound all that great at all…. Remember when you donated that cash to the Poker Players Alliance? The expectation was that they would come up with something which kept you grinding, right? Kept you playing your game? Looked after you, the breakeven multitabling rakeback nerd? Well it looks like the big casinos had deeper pockets than you – so without further ado we bring you the PPA Donations Refund Request Template:

Dear PPA

I am writing to request the return of my donations totaling $___ sent via ___________ in 2008 / 9 / 10. This donation was made under the assumption that you were supporting us, the poker players, in the fight for regulated and legal poker.

By supporting Harry Reid’s bill you have shown clearly that you have no interest in protecting the average American online poker player. Whose livelihoods would be devastated by a blackout a lot less than the 15 months proposed.

In fact, if we had known that the bill you supported would look as if it were written by the big business casinos, our donation could have been sent direct – cutting out your *ahem* ‘lobbying’ expenses such as business class flights and bills from expensive restaurants.

By sending donations directly via the nightclubs in Las Vegas, at least we would have had some entertainment benefits – rather than the false hope and frustration that the PPA has given us for the last few years.

Yours Sincerely,

(sign here)

PS: What is the IRS??


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