Monday, 10 January 2011

Post On Isildur1 Cancelled As Dog Bites Man

Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, you know that this blog – though officially not funny any more – likes to stand out from the crowd. With every other poker news site, blog and *ahem* poker strategy site which ran out of ideas years ago posting the same old Isildur1 / Viktor Blom story, we have cancelled our version.

Instead we have an exclusive tale of a man getting bitten by a dog:

“Well, I had just made par on the 14th, that tricky dog-leg with the hidden sand traps, and was stood waiting for my buddy Mac to putt”, started Al – an amazingly unremarkable retiree from Florida. “Then, from nowhere this little critter scampers up, wagging away – ‘bout foot high I’d say”. Continuing, “Well I leant over to pat his head and, would you damn well know it, the little mongrel snaps right at my arm, drew a small spot of blood ‘n all.”

Thanks Al, I’m absolutely sure our readers will find that a lot more interesting than the ‘news’ that Victor Blom is in fact Isildur1.

Seems like the news sites have outdone even themselves this weekend, reporting that high-rollers made the final table of the high-roller championship (when the smoke cleared). And after no help came on the turn or river, someone we have never heard of won the Sunday Million.

Ok, I’m off to bite some dogs – we look forward to the next installment of the Tony G vs Blom showdown… whats the line on this getting to be a ‘best of 273’ by the end of the year?


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