Thursday, 10 February 2011

Quick Fire Thursday - Random Poker News Roundup

I'm back, dear Melted Felt readers, and just in time for you to wonder why you should care that you did not realize I had been away... So, with a quick eyeballing of the main poker news sites it is pretty clear that things are as dull as ever. Without further waffling lets get the only poker satire blog that is officially no longer funny back into action.

- ARJEL, who regulate the French gambling market have asked Pokerstars to suspend their ‘Home Games’ functionality for the entire Garlic-Muncher population. Apparently, Pokerstars have their best programmers feverishly trying to come up with an algorithm in which more players can limp / call than actually started the game to meet the new requirements…

- Sticking with the Onion-Selling theme, it seems Cannes will be the venue for this years World Series Of Poker Europe. Successfully stealing the games from London representing the first French victory over England since 1066. Cannes is famous for nobody ever being able to remember who won anything at all at its ‘prestigious’ Annual Film festival.

- A new milestone passed unseen over at the 2+2 forums, where the 100,000th post in which someone asked a strategy question and ended up being personally insulted by more than 7 strangers while not having their original query addressed was posted – congrats from us!!

- Sensationally, Pokerstars have announced they are to drop their successful Double or Nothing SNGs, replacing them with a new 50 / 50 game in which half of the prize pool is determined by each players chip count. This should appeal to the ICM math geeks, who can play against each other while the rest of us follow the fish over to the DoN Games at Cake Poker.


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