Thursday, 10 March 2011

Advert For People Who Are Sh1t At Poker!

You probably think this advert is aimed at someone else, right? I mean you are quite good really, it is not your fault you are stuck at the micros or regularly top up your account. I do have faith you'll get even eventually and hit a big score - in the meantime why not save (or even make) yourself some money by stopping playing against people who know what they are doing and playing against other people who are sh1t at poker instead?

Come on now, you know it makes sense. If you are truly awful you might lose a little slower, and if you are only somewhere between bad and awful you might even run a profit for a while.

Melted Felt heartily recommend Absolute Poker for sh1t poker players. They have soft games, lots of bonuses + promos (includes 150% matched to your first deposit with bonus code PBN500) and, best of all, you can start fresh with a new screen name so your buddies can't see how sh1t you really are on the databases!

Click now to check out just how fvcking awful the games at Absolute Poker are for yourself!
(Don't forget 150% extra with bonus code PBN500 )


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