Monday, 7 March 2011

Poker News Roundup - Quick Fire Monday

Monday! The day where Melted Felt readers everywhere slowly crawl from their beds and get resentfully ready for work, mulling how different it all could have been if only they could have held in that that flip in the Million… just one time.

Time for a quick-fire round up of some of the poker news, to keep you all up to date without taxing those notoriously short attention-spans.

- First up, rumor has it that Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan has won a record-breaking $11.5 million pot while playing against rich businessmen in Macau. What he intends to do with the 16th century Ming pot… well, your guess is as good anyones?

- Next Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, pulled off the ugliest slowroll that the world of poker has ever seen last week. Waiting and waiting and waiting… then revealing he held the only hand which can beat a rivered nut flush – a pair of conditional vetoes. The poker world were disgusted, the gambling business world baffled – and the remaining 99.89% of the population neither knew nor gave a fvck.

- The Ultimate Bet cheating scandal tried to rear its ugly head again last week too. Threads were started, eyes were rolled and teeth were gnashed… then everyone remembered that this was years ago, and that the tables are quite soft anyway – and went right back to playing their games.

- Finally Carlos Mortensen came close to becoming the worlds most fvucking annoying poker player. After winning the WSOP, EPT and amassing a huge pile of cash it looked like the poker pro was going to rub our collective noses right in the proverbial poop by adding a WPT title to his already over-stuffed CV. When he busted in 3rd a collective sigh of relief was heard worldwide – and Daniel Negreanu kept his crown as the worlds most irritating poker celeb.


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