Tuesday, 26 April 2011

2011 Irish Open Results And Review, Sort Of

While much of the poker world was crying over the milk so suddenly spilled by the US DoJ, dear Melted Felt readers, there has been some fantastic live poker action in Dublin, Ireland – as the 2011 Irish Open final table played out.

After 3 days of asking whether it was their turn now and (later) what their aunty had to do with anything, the field was reduced to 9 for the glamour of the televised final table. Facing off for this years crown were Paddy, Mick, Paddy, Paddy, Mick, Shamus, Paddy and Mick.

Paddy was a considerable chip lead as the last 9 got underway, having, “'tiz a fine, fine pile to be sure’ with Mick, his nearest challenger holding only “a fair few chips less than dat” while the rest of the field had to make do with ‘nowhere near as many, nowhere near now’.

The 8 handed final 9 got off to a crazy start, with Paddy stacking Paddy on just the 3rd hand of the day, increasing his chip lead to somewhere in the region of ‘now then, would you take a long long look at all those”. Just 4 hands later the tournament director had to be called in when Mick claimed his 3 pair beat a straight, according to the ancient Gaelic rules. With Mick gone, Paddy closed the gap on Paddy and just a few pots later drew almost level as Shamus accidentally called the tournament clock on himself while all in and then failed to act in time.

A break was called to allow poker journalists to write lines such as ‘when the smoke cleared’ and ‘no help came… sending X to the rail”. By the time play restarted and another round of the black gold ordered the 3:15 at Punchestown was underway, Paddy nailing the winner at 8/1 and buying everyone yet another drink to celebrate.

Mick was the next to go, when he shoved his last ‘couple-of-chips, eh, not too many now’ with 10’s against Mick’s opening raise, Mick, who for some reason had only been dealt one card made the call with his king, flopping a pair and sending Mick to the rail to the cheers and whoops of Mary, Mary, Rosin, Rosin and Mary in the crowd.

Paddy then made a massive check raise semi bluff, busting both Paddy and Mick when his gutshot bottom straight hit the river. His, “that pretty pile” overtaking both Paddy and Paddy for the chip lead in one fell swoop, it was only a matter of minutes later when Paddy remembered he was supposed to be home for tea by now, handed all his his chips to Paddy and Paddy – and we were ready for heads-up play.

At this point, Paddy suggested that they make a deal – after some intense discussions about chip splits and ICM, and a prolonged pause for the final race at Punchestown, it was agreed that the winner would in fact buy the drinks. 23 furious hands of poker later Paddy was declared the Irish Open Champ 2011 – at which point a disgruntled Mick came back and pointed out that he just popped to the pub next door for a quick drink and had not actually been eliminated yet…


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