Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Monkeys Uncle To Lead New Look PPA?

I know, I know, while the mainstream press were calling online poker Armageddon, my loyal readers were far more worried about whether there would be another Melted Felt post any time soon. The good news is I’m back, the not so good news is that so are the Poker Players Alliance.

As we cringe our way through yet another ‘rallying cry’ from the utterly ineffective PPA I’m coming in with a counter proposal. We fire every single member of the organization which has managed to achieve so little at such huge expense since ’07 – and replace them, with a monkey’s uncle.

I’m thinking of a mid-sized ape here, maybe a darker brown one with that slightly amused expression and a passion for bananas. The little fellow would probably be the type to hang from a branch with one arm, while picking at his nose, pausing to look at what comes out, and then eating it.

With this monkey’s uncle as the new PPA chair, a few gibbons as staff and maybe something more advanced (a chimp?) to do the press releases – I am convinced that US poker players could have just as effective an organization looking after their rights at only a fraction of the cost.

As US poker players consider their options, we should take the time to reflect on what pitiful effect the Alliance had in return for the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised and donated by players who naively thought their needs were actually being looked after, including:

- Making short press releases about other organizations legislative efforts, usually after these passed beyond the PPA’s limited sphere of influence.
- Forum posters on popular message boards drip-feeding us bad news about decisions made behind closed doors, pretending (as it turned out) that the PPA actually had some kind of say.
- Calls for letter / e-mail writing and other activities which did not dent the fat wallets of poker players money channeled through PPA coffers.

Thanks for nothing PPA – lets get the Monkey’s uncle in place as soon as possible, after all, he can not do any worse!


PS: Don’t panic out of work grinders! I’m already working on the Melted Felt careers advisory board post for later in the week!!

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