Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Both Of Doyle’s Room Players In Shock As DoJ Close Them Down

We have had the pleasure, dear Melted Felt readers, of making posts about cursed poker site Doyle’s Room for some time. Today, it looks like the end is nigh for the site formerly supported by the guy with the big hat, as the US Department of Justice seized their domain – along with a load of other sh1te poker sites and bookmakers URLs too.

Whatever your thoughts about their network moves, nobody would argue that creating more uncertainty in the world of poker is a good thing, though we expect Doyle himself will probably be sleeping a little easier after pulling out just a couple of weeks back.

As a blog that thinks of itself as much as a public service than simply a poker satire blog which used to be funny [Oh fvck, here he goes again – Ed], we wanted to bring you the real human side of this terrible day for online poker.

Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, both of Doyle’s room’s players will be desperate right now – wondering if they will ever see their poker bankrolls again…

For example months of anguish could be ahead for Jim from Maine, who had $3.36c left of his bankroll after a particularly bad run at the SNGs. Jim was planning on ramping this up to $30 or so, before moving to the $10 level and confessed he would very probably have been challenging Antonius and Hansen at the $500 / $1000 blinds pot limit Omaha tables by the fall… as you can imagine, his world was in ruins.

“There was no warning, nothing”, said Jim, who had logged on only last month and then logged off when he found he was the only player on the entire site. “One minute they are sending me e-mails about reload bonuses, the next they are gone” adding, “I dropped out of college to go pro too, what am I going to tell my folks now?”

Their only other player did not want his name disclosed, as he is a bit of a shark. Known as the yakyakyak network’s premier bumhunter, this guy would sit patiently for days at a time – logged into 30 heads-up tables waiting for a fishy opponent to come his way. He had started to worry that he had not seen a single player for the last 2 weeks, however his sharkscope graph was not looking any worse – so it did not seem to matter. With more than $50 locked up in those $1 and $2 heads-up SNGs this is another real human tragedy – a crippling blow to another guy who would have crushed the game, if only he was any good.

Well, the good news is that there is lots of talk about renewed calls for legislation and legalization of online poker in the US at the moment… just like there has been since winter 2006…


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