Monday, 16 May 2011

Doyles Room Seek New Figurehead

Doyle’s Room, the poker site that’s had more network hosts that you have had hot dinners, dear Melted Felt readers, has lost its main man. Doyle Brunson, who still stacks internet poker geeks after all these years – has withdrawn his endorsement of the room.

Now the staff at Doyle’s room, along with all 5 players (well, 5 if you include the 2 freeroll whores), are panicking a little – after all there room is named after the poker legend who just told them to stick their contract where the sun don’t shine… and well, as any quick google search might tell you, there just are not that many famous Doyles who might be able to fill the gap.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have been a candidate, a probably at a discount due to the fact that he is long dead. While the author of the Sherlock Holmes detective books is famous in literary circles – the average online poker player has not actually read a book since Green Eggs And Ham, and probably could not tell you who wrote that one either – meaning that the reference would go right over their heads. Nope, that particular Doyle was out.

After quickly dismissing guitarists, columnists and politicians with the right name. There was some serious consternation in the back office of this online poker site… until an intern came up with the idea of finding a random Doyle and pretending he was famous enough to represent a room – kind of like a modern day Trading Places.

The trailer parks of Northern California were duly searched and a Doyle was located. A genuine type too, down to earth, beer swilling, opinions on sport and cars, big built, bearded, country ic loving, and, well, just someone all-American. Things were going great right up until the contract signing… when the CEO of Doyle’s room accidentally said. 'Pleased to meet you mister…' at which point Doylette started to get really really angry, produced a shotgun and demanded a case of miller light and an apology.

In the end it was the humble secretary at Doyle’s room who came up with the perfect solution. After all Susan Boyle’s 5 minutes of Streislandesque fame was coming to an end round about now… and after all, it would only need the change of 1 little letter.


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