Monday, 30 May 2011

Durrrr Challenge To Continue By Post

There have been many casualties of the DoJ crackdown in gambling sites in the US which have not made the headlines, dear Melted Felt readers. No no, I’m not talking about pocket 5’s, Supernova Elite chases that were already 200k FPPS behind when the news broke - or the distinct lack of spite in the table chat these days either… I’m thinking of the Durrrr challenge.

Many of you were not even born when the challenge started, with Tom Dwan offering a cool 3/1 that nobody could beat him over 50k hands 4-tabling ultra-high stakes PLO or Holdem… Well, a couple of people did take up the challenge, Antonius first, and by playing one hand every 3 days 25 years went past, the internet was invented, begging railers came and went, Howard Lederer spent more and more hours counting huge piles of lovely money and…. Well, the challenge kind of got dull.

When Jungleman stepped up, we all thought it was going to get exciting again, only for the beer of entertainment to go flat, the cookie of fascination to stop being crunchy and the banana of intrigue to get little black blotches and thinner skin, or something.

*ahem* yes, where were we?

Ah yes, Black Friday came along and *poof* the challenge disappeared from our screens. People speculated whether Dwan might change his name to Fu-Dwanchu and become a resident of Macau – but no, the challenge was gone.

Now it seems a solution has been reached in a similar format to the old days, only not using the internet – which is apparently now owned by the FBI.

Chris Ferguson will mail each player a card and one player the button, each will then put their bet or raise amount in an envelope – along with their action, and send it back to Chris. The next to act will then get a letter explaining what happened, the amount bet and will have the opportunity to pen a letter of their own in reply reacting to this. At the end of the hand, Chris will send the winner the pot – along with a half a carrot – send a nice chunk to Mr Lederer for the rake, and post the result to a lamp post at the end of his street, so that the railers can keep count.

Though we are only expecting one hand at a time instead of the usual 4, this new solution is expected to see the challenge finish a lot faster than it would have done had the online option still been available...


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