Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Quick Fire Wednesday – Poker News Roundup

So many small things going in the world of poker, dear Melted Felt readers, that we ran out of fingers and toes while counting them. After sifting the gold from the mud, identifying the tender cuts from the grissle and then quietly forgetting about half of it that was, well, a bit on the dull side – we are happy to bring you another addition of quick-fire Wednesday.

- First up, Senators Kyl and Reid, who both swore under oath that online poker was specifically banned by Moses in the old testament, have written to the DoJ asking for clarification on the legality of gambling. While other journals are scratching their heads and wondering why now… after all, the UIGEA was passed back in ’06. We can only read between the lines, dear readers, and wonder how much leverage ‘those photos’ give…

- Bodog are the first to gain a new-fangled license to operate in the UK. We understood that both of their British players would be celebrating, only one of them recently gave up poker and the other one was on his annual vacation and so could not be reached for comment.

- In Las Vegas the biggest poker event of the year, the World Series of Poker Main event has whittled its way down to the final 9 players, who will now return to fight it out for the title in November. This gives plenty of time for forum geeks and trolls everywhere to claim they have been big fans of these players for years and *fvck* if you did not know about their entire playing histories you must be some kind of retard, retard.

- Titan Poker have managed to come up with a promotion that both makes great headlines and benefits no players at all. By eliminating rake for their non-existent high stakes tables they have raised eyebrows. By reducing rakes in limit games which nobody plays anyway they have caused chins to be stroked, and by reducing rake in 6-max games under 10c blinds they have reminded their core players how much they were paying and sewn the seeds of them leaving to get rakeback on another network… hmmm.

Tune in soon for more nonsense covering the world of online poker!


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