Thursday, 4 August 2011

French Court Declares Clutching At Straws To Be A Skill Game

If there is one thing that really gets up the nose of a poker player, dear Melted Felt readers, it is calling them gamblers and arguing that their game is one of luck. You will get a terse correction – and that is at the mild end of the scale, with extreme responses including the all important ‘heads-up for rolls?’

When a court, study or television documentary comes down on the ‘skill’ side of the debate, poker players go wild. Nothing is better than sharing the new found information like crazy among other players, so they can collectively nod their heads and tell each other that they told each other so using twitter, forums, facebook and shouting from the treetops using a megaphone made of stiff paper and sticky-tape.

So it was entirely predictable that when a minor French provincial court from the picturesque city of Tolouse had a few glasses of the local Gran Cru and judged poker to be a skill game after all – that the news would instantly go global. This follows fast in the footsteps of some crazy Dutch professor releasing a small scale study, some small court in Turkey finding the same thing and, yeah, like, I’m sure it was on TV or something, right, you saw it didn’t you, didn't you?

Well, how do the same pro players reach the final tables of major events again and again? I hear you cry in union!

How come it is possible to make a living grinding those 16 tables – just like I will be doing as soon as I get over this temporary downswing caused by getting called light by too many donks – I clearly perceive you are stating!

I just have the one question, a small one at that… how come we never hear much about all those other judgments. You know, the ones from bigger courts and committees and, well, governments, you know - people actually have some influence over legislative processes.

How come we never hear about all the times poker is said to be gambling?

The irony of the French law is not lost on us of course, having played with them for many years before the ARIEL setup started. Right, I am off to build a rock-solid case that will once and for all convince the world that clutching at straws, especially to an audience who will agree with your perspective, is a game of SKILL!


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