Monday, 15 August 2011

Lock Poker To Introduce Poker Pro “Whack-A-Mole” Games

Let us face facts, dear Melted Felt readers, most poker news involves someone relieving players of their hard won money. Lately rooms and governments seem to be the ones kicking us where it hurts the most - in the wallet. In some ways it was quite refreshing to see the players cheating each other for a change last week.

Allegations centered around ex and current pros at Lock Poker, a small site that only members of a particular clique of online cash game players who think it is cooler to lose money to big 'names' rather than actually win play on. No, that’s not right, a smaller site that anyone can play on if they do not mind being looked down on by a clique of online poker geeks. No, no, erm, oh well… a smaller site, lots of pros cooler to lose money there than seek out the fish… you get the idea.

Anyway, I have gone off track.

What happened was a scandal broke and a Portuguese poker pro Jose Macedo admitted to praying on particularly stupid people who were dumb enough to have him rail them from afar while logged on to the client as their opponent.

More recently the plot thickened, with allegations flying around that other lock pros used his account and both Dan Cates and Haseeb Qureshi being asked some searching questions.... With new information unravelling all the time, it would not be surprising to see more Lock names come under suspicion this week.

To try and put some fun back into the games, and try a better way to distract attention from a potentially rotten stable than pointing at shouting "Look, Kittens!" We can exclusively reveal that Lock Poker will shortly introduce a brand new game under the lobby tab of ‘Pro Whack-A-Mole’.

Players can buy-in for $5+50c and get to follow the growing stable of poker pros around the games. When they see some cheating, ranging from chip-dumping through to dubious river calls which could only have been made by someone who knew their opponents hand – “Whack” with the click of a mouse. If they are right and catch a cheating pro then you win a the Pro Whacker Jackpot… which keeps on growing between cheating episodes (though not by that much judging by the recent Lock news!). If the player is wrong then they lose their stake.

At the time of writing it is not known whether Poker Pro Cheating Whack-A-Mole will be considered a game of chance or skill… Though we do understand that several pros are already discussing ways in which they can set up a jackpot win… well whodathunkit.


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