Friday, 26 August 2011

Poker News Quick Fire Friday

Friday again, dear Melted Felt readers who are reading this on a Tuesday. Time for another round up of the poker news in small bite-sized snippets, you know – the stuff that was quite important, only we could not be bothered to make a whole post out of.

As is common in the summer, it has not been the busiest week of poker news ever. Full Tilt managed a couple of entries… though more for the deepening sense of gloom than anything else. Party changed their rake structure too...

- First up, the Full Tilt Statement, their first communication since the shut-down was not taken as good news. While they tired to sound vaguely update and a tiny bit sincere in their apologies – the press release failed on both counts. General consensus was that the exclusive talks were in trouble, and that the chances of a quick return were fading fast. One aspect of this story which the press did not seem to question, is why were Poker News chosen to get the exclusive. After all Tony G has not been the most silent of critics of the way FTP have handled things so far…

- Next up a story pre-press release over at eGaming Review (probably the only decent source of industry news – actually offering new stuff rather than just copying everyone else like most of the poker press). The EGR team questioned management structure changes at a new-look Full Tilt… we pondered this for a while, wondering whether some flat management structure, a pyramid – or some unusual multi-level hub and spoke system would suit full tilt best. In the end we had to conclude that the 'Sphincter Management Structure' would be most appropriate moving forward, you know the 'starfish' reporting matrix… several small pieces of crusty sh1t, half-digested sweetcorn and lumps of sticky tissue round the outside – reporting to one really big a$$hole in the middle…

- Rake Structures, After OnGame changed to Essence some while ago and nobody really noticed – the other poker pool in the Party-Bwin group will now see their contribution to the pot count for more. A new contributed rake method has been put in place in which you get rewarded for how much you contributed to the pot – and not just for being dealt into the hand. All very well you might think, only do you actually remember anyone at Party ever folding before the river anyway?

With the WCOOP starting in around a week, and cheating scandals uncovering more levels of wrong than we thought possible – we look forward to bringing you more Melted Felt shenanigans next week.


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