Monday, 26 September 2011

Latest Full Tilt Roundup

To help you get over the anticlimax of yet another losing WCOOP, dear Melted Felt readers, I thought it was time for a roundup of all the exciting Full Tilt poker based news over the last week. You have probably read it anyway, 5th hand at your favorite poker news regurgitation site. Have you really thought about it though, well – have you?

While we were all chuckling to ourselves that so many people fell for the Subject:Poker ‘DoJ Insider’ spoof concerning Merge, those same Feds went right ahead and acted – updating the indictment on Full Tilt Poker. Names were named, amounts were released to a startled public - and hopes of getting those bankrolls back changed from a ‘vague hope, oh please oh please oh please” to “sigh”.

Now warrants have come into the picture to seize the assets of Lederer, Ferguson and Bitar (among others). With the word Ponzi being repeated around the national press the image of poker has been tarnished further, allowing people who never told us anything to sit on their moral high ground and crow ‘told you so’ to make themselves feel momentarily better about their sad, mundane lives.

Sad and mundane tie in perfectly with the next Full Tilt snippet – concerning the PPA.

Remember? That organization who took a lot of money from players and operators and utterly failed by every possible measure to make even the slightest difference – while issuing a lot of press releases about how fvcking great they were.

Well, like not being able to shake that embarrassing nerd from the office on a night on the town, they are back – this time with advice about how to claim your cash via the DoJ. It would seem a little harsh to recommend doing the complete opposite of what these useless buffoons suggest – so I’m going down the tactful route and saying you should just plain ignore them. Like a bad dream they will fade quickly from your mind… my only worry is that they will probably return and crow a lot when someone else manages to get poker back up and running in the US.

I’ll end with some good news – there is still a speck of a glimmer of the faintest hint of a hope that an investor will come forward and save the day!

Yes, Full Tilt poker have received a letter of intent. No, not those 1000’s of e-mails outlining the intent players have when they get their hands on Howard and Ray – a proper letter of intent from an investor…

These things have a habit of fizzling out, and the cash seemingly stolen from the business is eye-wateringly huge… however, on the off chance it is not some sadist getting extra satisfaction from building false hope for those of us with money trapped, I’ll keep a close eye on the proceedings.


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