Friday, 30 September 2011

Quick Fire Friday Poker News Roundup

Friday again! Another week of your life over, and another series of twists and and turns in the ongoing death-spasms of Full Tilt Poker. Although it may seem like it, this is not the only news in the world of poker this week… where shockingly, other things have been happening too.

- One big scandal concerned RPM Poker, who have apparently been forced to admit using computerized ‘Shills’ to fill their tables. What we found particularly funny about this complaint of using bots, was that the people complaining were the 2+2 crowd, known for robotically multi-tabling, HUD and all… now, what were those 3 laws of robotics again?

- The World Championship Of Online Poker’s $5 million main event and $1.25 million kind of main eventish for most of us concluded earlier this week. The big money was won by someone you have never heard of and will never hear about again, while the smaller main event was taken down by someone else. Fortunately, both names have been put into databases, so if they do ever win anything again the poker news sites can add ‘WCOOP 2011 Main Event Winner’ before their names, which you will then instantly forget again.

- The Miners Union have sent a formal complaint to Washington after they were banned from extracting, erm, data from Bodog. Claiming that this was a case of discrimination against hard working Americans, the miners pointed out that Bodog Asia was proof that their high union wages have made them uncompetitive in the data-mining business, no, erm, not that- sorry – I meant to put something about greedy bankers.

- Continuing with the Bodog story, tracking site Poker Site Scout have declared that in the absence of real data on the amount of players online they will simply roll a pair of dice and use that number instead… though we should warn readers that this means the published figure is likely to be far higher than the real number of players.

- Suppose I should mention, just in passing, that Full Tilt had their license revoked by the Alderney Gaming Council yesterday… would the last person to leave their HQ (probably the funny ‘exclusive empty statements’ writer!) please switch off the lights…


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