Sunday, 11 September 2011

This Week In Poker News

Running a retrospective today, dear Melted Felt readers on what can only be described as the dullest week in poker in a long long time. Not only was there no poker news of note, all the *ahem* poker news sites who simply re-write the news produced by other *ahem* poker news sites were all regurgitating even more inane drivel than usual.

Thankfully, this was the first week that anyone can remember that Lock Poker have not either had a new cheating scandal, had to deal with new revelations from an existing one, or needed to issue denials clarifying their earlier denials which were later exposed as cover-ups. At least nobody got caught this week, eh?

Rumors were started and then circulated that the Merge Network was next on the US Department of Justice’s target list. Now, this one was re-written several hundred times on news sites, blogs and forums… except.


Except, hang on just a moment.

The mass spread of news was started by one article which quoted some vague ‘source’.

Right, with me so far?


Now we are talking about the DoJ, right. Love ‘em or hate ‘em they managed to surprise a multi-billion dollar industry back in April after a very long and very secret investigation…

Yet now someone ‘inside’ now supposedly tells a poker news site run by poker pros that they are sharing credible information on the next targets?

Pass the bulls**t test to you?

Hmmm, me neither.

Now, it would not be a surprise if networks skill allowing US players became DoJ targets of course… thus proving their mystery ‘source’ to be correct. Come on though folks, you’ll be telling me you’d be a big winner if the games were not specifically rigged against you next... that someone in the know shares information on next targets is simply not credible, that or they took the word gullible out of the dictionary...

Anyway, on with the review of the week!

Epic was probably not the word to describe the latest installment of the Epic Poker league, which attracted only 96 participants. You might think that sounds on the low side, until you realize it was actually twice the number who bothered to watch it…

The WCOOP is running, already players you have never heard of have become incredibly rich after luckboxing their way through massive fields in these big money poker tournaments. What we love the most about the World Championship is the speed with which the pre-launch excitement and anticipation turns to the reality that playing 5,000 field poker tournaments only to bust after 4 hours is really painfully dull. Never mind eh, only another couple of weeks of scraping the cash together for those big buy-ins and there will be the SCOOP to get really worked up for in no time at all…

Really looking forward to the wild and crazy poker news for this week ahead – how about you?


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