Monday, 24 October 2011

Jim Green Becomes 100,000th Person To Choose The Joker Avatar At Pokerstars

Poker records come and poker records go, to be parked in that special place in memory where things which we were never interested in to start with gently fade away. Only today a different kind of record has been broken. Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, Jim Green (known as 'Greeny' to his buddies and James to his Mom) officially became to 100,000th player to upload a 'Joker' avatar to his Pokerstars account to display at the tables.

Making the connection between the Joker character in the Batman films and the Joker playing card – and wanting this to represent ones character at the tables – was an obvious and highly individual choice for Jim. Feeling his insight was both amusing and unique, he simply googled 'Joker' found the one of the same 3 pictures everyone else uses, and hit the upload button with a grin.

Like the other 99,998 'Joker' displaying players, Jim thinks of himself as both tricky and smart.

Anyone who has played the game of poker for more than 3 days would of course realize that he is mixing up the terms 'tricky and smart' with 'plays backwards'.

Checking when strong and making big bluffs when weak is a great way to feel like you are playing deceptively, that you are running rings around your unwitting opponents in the same way that Heath Leger ran around Batman in movie theaters all over the world. Actually what it means is that you are playing small pots when ahead, letting draws catch you up and losing big pots when waayyy behind. Of course, according to Jim it is the fact that there are just too many clueless donks which explains his negative results, nothing what so ever to do with the fact that he only ever limps while holding aces...

At this point in the post astute readers will have noticed that there is one player missing... with 99,998 players whose river bluffs are easy calls, Jim (whose river bluffs are also easy calls) we would only get to 99,999 – and not the record breaking 100,000th player mentioned in the title.

Well, the missing player is Bill Hodgeson, of Montreal Canada. He got blind drunk one night, thought that changing his avatar to the joker would be really very cool and then switched to the plain (avatar-free) table view. Bill is making a fvcking fortune in the cash games at the moment, he gets paid off again and again while holding nut or near nut hands. His graph is so steep that Pokerstars security have already checked him out... Actually Bill is a pretty average tightish grinder, funny how those Joker icons can help get you paid off huh?

No, wait a minute here.

Ah well, my dog looks cute enough, and gives absolutely nothing away about my weak-loose style of play... I'll stick to that one.

No, wait another minute...


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