Thursday, 20 October 2011

William Hill Staff Walk Out In Support Of Bots

If there is one thing we can be sure of, dear Melted Felt readers, it is that a future run by Skynet will involve working on the Sabbath. What we are less certain about is the passion and the vigor of staff at strangely named gaming outfit William Hill, who have apparently walked out of their Tel Aviv office in support of sacked poker bots.

After the poker bot scandal broke, turned into a game of Chinese-whispers and quickly spread as 'proven' on the interwebnetz, the bots knew something was up.

Things quickly deteriorated when HR put the entire bot team (including middle management) on notice that their contracts were being reviewed in accordance with the pre-1967 borders and that only those bots who had completed military service would be considered for the next round.

Smoldering resentment turned into a declaration of war on Iran, no, erm, sorry – I meant outright annoyance – as management at this iPoker site's software provider PlayTech refused to follow every other damn poker site on the planet and introduce synchronized breaks. When they were told that the ECOOP was no longer running that was the final straw... the bots walked out.

Not to be deprived of an afternoon off, the human staff have now walked out in support.

A funny thing then happened – senior management noticed that KPIs for customer service actually went up without their pork-dodging human support staff... meetings were held, powerpoint presentations created and consultants consulted – and the options were laid out for all to see.

Would it be a move to the UK, or Gibraltar? Would the department be outsourced to India? Would there be one of those training camps where staff have to fall backwards into each other to foster teamwork and team spirit?


The only sensible option was taken.

Striking human staff were laid off with immediate effect – and the out of work poker-bots were retrained to focus on customer service. A win-win if we ever heard one.

What is it with that poker site name though?


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