Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ivey's Divorce From Barry Greenstein Gets Messy

It is with great sadness, dear Melted Felt readers, that we cover the breakdown of one of poker's closest and most loving relationships in our usual completely made-up fashion... The divorce proceedings between Phil Ivey and long time spouse Barry Greenstein first made the headlines over the summer – and as the year has worn on things have become ever more acrimonious between the separated parties... leading to speculation in some quarters that Ivey might have cast his last dice in the gambling world.

Most shocking of all is the revelation that Ivey might have stopped paying any alimony at all for the care and upkeep of Barry Greenstein's beard. The beard, whose delicate composition and balance requires 24 hour support is now in danger of becoming a little scruffy round the edges – which is bound to see more lawsuits based on the psychological damage caused.

It was not always this way.

Back in the day, when their relationship was fresh and new, Ivey could do no wrong in the eyes of Barry. Storming to WSOP final tables, getting ferried from craps game to craps game in helicopters and generally appearing plastered all over utterly corrupt online poker sites were just part of the joy.

Now those nosebleed stakes cash games in front of the fire seem like a distant memory.

A harsh new reality has come around.

So harsh that Greenstein is now suggesting that their divorce judge, one Bill Gonzalez, may be biased in Ivey's favor when it comes to the fair settlement and distribution of the silverware.

While looking through an old staking database, it emerged that Ivey may have staked Gonzalez for the $15 180 SNGs at Pokerstars to the tune of some $5k, with a 60 / 40 spit and makeup included. This head the Greenstein camp to immediately file for disqualification based on allegations that helping out with those tricky mid-game situations could influence the judges fairness in deciding the split of worldy possessions.

Ivey and Greenstein's marriage started in May of 2002, when after a night of not drinking they decided on an Elvis impersonator drive-through service. Despite several happy years, the cracks in their relationship started showing towards the end of the 2000's – with both parties apparently mutual in their desire to be freed to pursue new beard-care partners.

The biggest speculation coming from this rather sad episode is whether the stopping of payments for beard alimony means that Ivey is bankrupt. After all, the payments were stopped at the same time Full Tilt went offline – and that Ivey has not been seen in the poker world since then... Could it be that the most feared man in poker will soon be in some downtown cardrooms battling the tourists on the $1 / $2 tables? Or will he just borrow a wad from the trunk of Lederer's BMW??


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