Monday, 7 November 2011

Millions Pretending To Like WSOP Final Table Get Day Off To Recover

It has been a real strain this week for poker fans around the world, dear Melted Felt readers. First having to remember the names of the blandest November 9 since the month of November was invented last month – and then having to pretend that televised final table poker is somehow interesting.

Fortunately, with 2 of the three left in this years main event are from Europe, leading to the powers that be taking a day off to discuss whether the prize money should not be sequestered into a bailout fund for Greece instead.

It may be a nail biting delay for Lamb, Heinz and Staszko – for the rest of the poker world it is a welcome respite from the yearly ritual of pretending we give a fvck about the World Series for a couple of days.

The poker press are now furiously copying each others bland summaries of bust out hands without any blind sizes, only for the copies to be copied by 3rd tier 'poker news' websites, rewritten by outsourced teams and posted 4th tier poker news websites before being scraped, spun and end up on 5th tier sites which nobody ever reads and only actually exist to sell links to the crappy 4th tier sites, or something.

Bloggers will be busy summarizing the days events too, they really just wanted to tell you about binking that 45 man SNG last night... only, you know, it feels like they should be blogging about the main event... since everyone else thinks its so important, don't they?

Cool players with high post counts on popular forums will be critizing hands based on summaries of copied poker news sites, disagreeing to ensure that people remember they are a strong character, with an opinion and everything.

Tweeters retweeting the latest bustouts to bloggers who retweet those tweets to the poker news site owners as they feel this is what bloggers should do, while the odd 3rd teir poker news site owner feels very pleased that the thin article he wrote based on pokernews' reporting got tweeted at all - writers and bloggers who are wondering why they feel they should be interested. seeing the mass of interest and assuming everyone else cares.

Do not worry.

Nobody really cares.

Its only going to take one component of this house of proverbial cards to fall before everyone looks at each other in momentary embarrassment, shrugs, and then carries right on with whatever they were doing anyway.

In 2 days time it will all be over again for another year. A new champ will be crowned, a short debate will be held online which will conclude that he just ran good and that anyone could have won with that kind of luck... then we can all go back to our own ev graphs and stop this rather strenuous activity of pretending to care about anyone except ourselves


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