Friday, 11 November 2011

Quick Fire Friday, WSOP, Stars And More

What with the fact that there are traditionally no Fridays in October, there has not been a quick fire Friday here at Melted Felt for a while. For those readers new to the worlds only poker satire blog that officially used to be funny, QFF is where we summarize the week's poker news in chunks which are small enough for those who live futile lives waiting for the weekends to digest.

This week has been dominated by the World Series Of Poker and the November 9. Both TV ratings and the amount of people claiming the concept does not work were higher than ever – with record numbers of forum posters completely failing to see any contradiction with this.

As we got to the final 3 contestants it was kind of assumed that Lamb would win, meaning that the epic heads-up battle between Heniz and Staszko lead to what can only be described as the twitter equivalent of finding a piece of fluff on your sleeve.

In the end it was a win for Germany, with a whipper-snapping 22 year old taking the spoils. Puis Heniz declared after the win that, while he was generally unsure of what he would do with all that money, at least he would be able to pay someone else to wake up at 6am and put his towel on the sun loungers from now on...

Moving swiftly on before any temptation to mention a nation getting rich by artificially depressing the value of its currency by including lazy nations in your zone, then blaming them when it goes tits-up comes around.... doh!

Pokerstars 10 Year Anniversary

Also in the news this week, Pokerstars climbed onto the stage, took of their shoes and socks... then slowly stepped on the assorted bugs which are known as 'other poker sites'. Party, Titan and more were immediately prescribed a mixture of sedatives and sleeping pills which should see them only semi-awake until the promo ends as we start 2012.

For anyone who missed it we are talking a $10 Million Sunday Million, $1 game with $250k guaranteed (world record attempt), and 100 completely free $15k packages to the Caribbean Adventure... or you could play at *ahem another poker site and earn $6.26c in bonus cash for only 17 hours of play!

WPT Amneville

Congrats to Adrian Allain, who won the tournament least likely to be given a fvck about this week.

That about wraps it up for this week, there are some legal maneuvers on both sides of the pond at the moment... we will have to save that for another post!


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