Monday, 26 December 2011

Poker News 2011 Year In Review - Part 3

As the disappointment you are to your family fades into a boxing day memory of ‘but it was nice food’, I’m back to cheer you up with Part 3 of my 2011 Poker News Year in review.

This was the quarter of the year where Full Tilt was about to be back at any moment, until it wasn’t. The November 9 were decided. Then everyone went back to expecting Full Tilt to be back at any moment.


It was the hearings in London of the Alderney Gaming Council which not only grabbed the headlines in July – they became a symbol of our collective hopes. We scanned news for anything even slightly positive, anything which might indicate that Full Tilt would return (or return our cash, depending on which side of the Atlantic we sat).

When the hearing itself came about, the world’s poker press were present. Radios were primed, twitter hash-tags were defined and 3rd rate poker sites all over the world were preparing to publish badly written regurgitated pieces from the real news vendors and pretend they were providing an important service.

Then, after a few minutes in which some celeb so minor that we forgot his name walked out. The hearing was held behind closed doors. Then adjourned until September.
How would we feed our Rush Poker addiction now?


The reality for thousands of grinders over in the US hit home this month. The pseudo-excitement of following the really quite dull WSOP was over. Only Cake Poker and some scrappy small sites accepted US players, and it looked like dropping out of college to have a life of ‘freedom’ as a mouse-clicking machine had turned to dust.

People started escaping, moving North to Canada, asking questions on forums about what language they spoke in England and considering the tropical paradises of the East as great places to spend 16 hours a day in a darkened room.

For some it happened, most were forced to concede that they were not the ‘ big winner over a massive sample’ they pretended to be to their forum buddies after all… and with living off of rakeback so much harder now they were wondering whether you needed any formal qualifications to drive a taxi?


Relatively speaking a quiet month for poker. Bodog hit the headlines by announcing they would no loner tolerate data-miners – unsurprisingly starting a spat with datamining serive Poker Scout. This would later turn out to be a storm in a teacup compared to the fully anonymous tables and rebranding to sound like a meaty drink.

So, I’ll leave it there – the last update of the year will bring us right up to date… just in time for the exciting Melted Felt predictions for 2012!


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