Thursday, 29 December 2011

Poker News Year In Review – Part 4

Nearly there! Yes, dear Melted Felt readers, this is the last year in review post of 2011… well, unless I decide to do another post reviewing my year in review posts. It always feels a little strange reviewing the recent past – and just as we got used to the doom and gloom, the news started getting quite good.

Lets start at a point adjacent to where we left off – in October.

As storms in teacups go, poker fans worldwide made much ado about nothing this month – when a misguided support rep at William Hill mis-understood a Ts and Tc entry about shills being used in casino games and said something along about bots in poker games.
The resulting Chinese-whispers effect – combined with a generation of poker players who had no target for their teenage angst since UB went under – made the news cascading around 3rd rate news ‘portals’ amusing to say the least. While this storm was short-lived (much to the embarrassment of the most militant posters), the real scandal at this iPoker site was with the management of a company employed to do their marketing… who were fired after some dodgy dealing accusations involving stealing away players, maybe.


Everyone had to pretend to be interested in the World Series this month… suckered in by some mass delusion that everyone else was actually interested. Lets all be honest next year eh? It will save a lot of learning names of bracelet winners and talking about hands which are really exceptionally dull given the stack sizes and table dynamics.

Anyway a German Gentleman by the name of Pius Heinz won, and we are still enjoying the boom in German players which his victory bought. Strange how an unknown German was so well known by American, British and Canadian players for many years, strange indeed.

This month also saw speculation that Full Tilt had found a buyer turn to fever pitch, as Group Brenard Tapie got involved. This bid was immediately poo-pooed by the ‘experts’ on popular forums and blogs… the guy was dodgy and it had zero chance of getting past the DoJ, man. In fact, next time I’m on an empty stomach and feeling a little grumpy I might dig out some choice posts…. Or maybe life is too short.


Bodog went anonymous, Everleaf made it hard for both of their winning players to log on, all of the Melted Felt awards went to me… and then:

The DoJ gave us all a fantastic xmas present!

By declaring the wire act only applied to comedy sheep-races and jamborees involving grown men in ostrich costumes – poker has been freed to grow state-by-state. The best thing is, since the states can now do it for themselves… some very rich casino interests might just be digging deep to bribe *ahem* no, I mean, ‘Lobby’ up some Federal momentum.

Keep it locked to Melted Felt for the latest, erm, news.

Next my predictions for poker in 2012 – well, figured I can not do much worse than Calvin Ayre.


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