Thursday, 8 December 2011

Shock As 250,000 Everleaf Players Claim EUR750 Cap Ruins Their Life

We applaud those poker sites who are trying to become ‘fish friendly’, dear Melted Felt readers. As a dedicated fish, your humble host thinks that we should be recognised more often for the vast contribution of cold hard cash we make to the poker economy.

Yes, while you were busy berating us for that call which will win you money over time. A change in the Everleaf network has occurred, which means that anyone winning more than 750 Euros in a week gets barred from the tables, at least until they log on with their ‘sisters account’.

Everleaf – a network with 3 trillion ‘skins’ who each contribute 0.007% of a player have announced that this is to better reward the sh1t poker players who actually contribute cash to their coffers by depositing, and to restrict those selfish nasty winning players who do nothing but withdraw withdraw withdraw.

The server resets on Sunday, which means your little sister can log off and you can log on again…. All the way to another 750 Euros.

What shocked us the most is the apparent disconnect between the number of players claiming this as a personal disaster on various blogs and forums, and the statistics released by the network themselves.

According to Everleaf, only 0.04% of players are affected, a negligible amount by any measure. While a quick scan of 2+2, P5s and other forums seems to indicate that more than 250,000 players just lost their livelihood – including Tim, 19, whose post before his ‘devastated’ rant was on the subject of their been ‘too many suckouts’ in the daily 1000 player $5 freeroll.

Of course, this is not the first site to make a big to restrict winners for the greater good of crappy players everywhere. Bodog have been doing it for ages by hosting one of the ugliest poker software clients online and announcing they will pull out of their core market to stop people there bothering to deposit. OnGame also punished the winners with their essence rake system, making it so complex that an experiment is scheduled at the Large Hadron Collider to try and determine how it works.

We sympathise with the 250k people whose HUGE Everleaf winning days have come to an end. What I suggest is that you stop showering, grow your hair (and beards as applicable), create some banners and go occupy somewhere – after all, you have the 0.04% to blame.


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