Sunday, 4 December 2011

Slowly Sizzling Sunday - Poker News Summary

Quick Fire Friday is all very nice, dear Melted Felt readers, but like the tired old poker pro who still raises 3x + 1 per limper, its days are coming to a close. Instead I present the all new super slowly sizzling Sunday roundup of poker news. This summary is so fresh and new that while I am writing the intro paragraph for it, the rest does not actually exist yet.

Anyway, lets get straight on with the news which is causing a stir in the world of online poker.

First Up Data Leaked.

This item really got people hot under the collar, the poker site which used to be the target of hate for grinders enjoying their 'freedom' in darkened rooms everywhere might be gone, but they managed to sink one little notch lower still...

What happened was the hand history data covering thousands of players and millions of hands was leaked online – ready for anyone to mine it for competitive advantage. Such was the shock and indignation, the outpouring of disbelief mixed with pure rage and the torrent of '+1' posters looking to increase their coolness level with bigger post count scores on their favorite forums – that people actually forgot that this data, combined with billions more hands from other rooms is available at a large number of paid data mining sites.... and has been for years, oops.

Next, Today's World Record

Today some 200,000 people will play in the worlds biggest poker tournament at, aiming to beat their previous world record of a 150,000. Since no other poker site gets anywhere near 150k, we have to ask a couple of questions as to why bother in the first place? Is this spite? Is it just poking fun at the other sites? Is it the online poker equivalent of climbing a step-ladder, pulling down your pants and taking a giant dump on the heads of your competitors?

Probably just a great way to get more people playing all those other games while they chuckle about their huge piles of rake.

$100 Million Tournament Rumors Quashed

No big tournament in Macau next year... it turned out to be a rumor. Fortunately the Melted Felt $3 Trillion Guaranteed will go ahead next June. This will be a $1 entry game with a field capped at 250, and will guarantee at least $1 Trillion for the winner. The only condition is that I find a poker site willing to sponsor the event between now and xmas. Watch this space.

Thats about all this Sunday, I'm pretty sure some people won some big live tournaments around the world... and I'm also pretty sure you do not really give a shit.


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