Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It's OK, You Secret Is Safe With Me, Fish!

I know that being a complete fish has a certain, erm, stigma attached to it in poker circles. While all your peers are raking in the cash you are just the whipping boy for a succession of bad beats, suckouts and self-inflicted downswings.

Today I want you to stand proud, be happy in your own skin - say to the world once and for all 'I may be sh1t at poker, but hell, I'm almost average in many other activities'

Fortunately, there is a special tournament especially for rubbish players like you. 'The Fishmarket' is open to all non-US readers and you get to enter for free ($11 value) if you deposit before the 16th Feb 2012 at the soft-as-sh1te Red Kings Poker. What is great about this tournament is that it brings all the rubbish poker players together... with a $10k guaranteed prize pool at least one of you will end up temporarily suffering the delusion that you are 'quite good' for a couple of days.

Anyway, you can find out more about Red Kings in this long and boring review.... or just click the big red button below, claim your free $11 entry token and enjoy a few hours in the company of shit poker players from all over the world...


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