Monday, 26 March 2012

iPoker Release Backwards Poker

With Zoom Poker making huge dents in the cash game takes of rival sites – the heat was on last week to come up with something fresh and exciting. We are pleased to report that the iPoker Network, through their best site Titan Poker, have done exactly that. This poker game is so fresh and so innovative that you will be amazed.

Backwards Poker – How It Works

Key to the amazing fresh gameplay of backwards poker is the fact that the river is dealt first. In fact all of the community cards are free to view on the table at the start of every hand. At this point in the game, the players have not yet been dealt any hole-cards – which means that the first betting round takes place with only the community cards to go on.

Next, each player gets dealt one hole card. Another betting round then takes place – a great opportunity to put the pressure on from later position, or for a small stack to try and steal the pot with a timely all in move.

The turn then gets removed, which triggers the next betting round.

After this the players are dealt one more hole card, a timed sequence of bets then takes place which players vie to get their chips into the middle before the 3 remaining community cards disappear one by one. To keep the excitement up during this part of play each player is restricted to 5 seconds – otherwise the hand gets checked down.

Backwards Poker – Can This Game Rival Zoom?

Of course, you would expect Titan Poker to be singing the praises of backwards poker, noting that this innovation will revolutionize the online game and bring floods of new players to their tables… at the same time as not being able to explain exactly how the winner gets determined. Only to say this is available in real money and free poker format.

What is important to us is whether this game can make a serious dent in the empire that is Pokerstars and their new toy Zoom Poker?

Well, at least with all of the skill taken out of the game we can ditch the pretense that you can beat the rake over the long-term. And hey, one or two of the more gullible readers might just head over to their favorite iPoker site and try this game out. Blackjack anyone?


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