Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Poker Avatars Really Matter

An more personal post today. I have been making notes while playing at the tables about the effect of different poker avatars that players upload… and wanted to share some of the results with readers so that you can improve your own games.

Anyway, here is what happened. It was in a cash game and I had a hand that could beat a bluff, but not much else. My opponent (who loved to check-raise) had donk-bet the entire pot on a dry board, which was nice. The turn went check-check and, with even the least likely of draws missing on the river another big bet came my way.

I sat there paralyzed by my choice – my 3rd pair was good to catch bluffs, but there were many hands in his range that I would be paying off. Then again if he had a strong hand this guy would have checked the flop and expected me to continuation bet on a board this dry… I had all but decided that the majority of the time his had was weak here and was about to call…. When.



When, I noticed that his avatar was of a fanged monster with red eyes and MASSIVE pointed teeth.


All sorts of things started going through my mind. This was obviously not an inexperienced fish I was dealing with, it was a TOUGH guy, a real FIERCE player who was going to rip me apart with his value bets – drain my blood with his cunning betting lines and mix up his tells to such a huge extent that it would crush my very soul into oblivion.

It did not matter that his bets in this hand (or any of the 2476 previous ones in my database) made absolutely no sense. It was insignificant that the many tracking systems had this guy as a long term losing player at several cash game levels, in tournament and especially in SNGs.

All that mattered was that he had taken the time to find a scary monster, all that mattered was that he thought that those red eyes and big fangs represented the KIND OF GUY HE REALLY WAS – all that mattered was that he was POWERFUL, while I, with my fluffy cat pic, was weak.



I called, he had the same nothing as always… after all, if someone is dumb enough to think that their scary avatars made the slightest bit of fvcking difference – well, they deserve to have their money taken away from them, right?


PS: Next week I might just tell you the story of why I decided not to value bet a stunningly beautiful model from Finland... she was just tooo cute.

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