Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Poker Player Of The Year 2013

It may only be the 2nd of January, but (dear Melted Felt readers) the Poker Player of the year 2013 has already been decided...

I was playing drunk PLO Zoom poker the other night (strange, I always win at Zoom when pissed, only some computer bug or other means my bankroll is lower the next morning) and came across this avatar.

This came from a screenshot of the table, I have not changed or doctored it myself. Yes RaKo777 - you are the Melted Felt Poker Player of the Year 2013!

(pic removed, sorry!)

Unfortunately I was do distracted checking whether this was the 'real thing' that I mis-played my flopped set of 6's... though as a bonus, after calling in my other half to verify, I did learn that Hungarians have a single word for 'a decorated vagina'... vaginull or something like that.

Anyway, its 2013, and I decided to get back to updating Melted Felt again - so spread the word, come back soon and... erm, well, thats it really.

RaKo777 I bow down before you!


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