Monday, 1 April 2013

The Moment Geoff Realized It Was All An April Fool

April 1st, the day that everyone is expecting spoof stories, so they lose that magic ingredient of being able to, erm, ‘fool’ people – making them not very funny at all, and the day a slightly sad reflection of the repetitive and uneventful nature of your life.
It was not always like this.

In fact, 3 years ago, Geoff Smith from Leeds in the UK had just discovered online poker, won a few bucks, joined a training site, got reasonably good, fallen in love with the game and decided to go pro.

Back in those heady days of 2010, the world had seemed wonderful. Geoff realized that he could be free of his boss, his sh1te little office job, he could earn far more and be the master of his own destiny by grinding online poker games.

He quit, started grinding in earnest. Geoff loved the game, his bankroll grew, he was kitted up in balla fashion, with dual screens, a big chair, a TV. Life was looking up.

3 years ago Geoff had his life mapped out, he was free.

Today, April 1st 2013, Geoff realized he was the April fool.

He now hates poker – the decline in his hourly rate is matched by the ever bigger struggle to put in the hours.
His friends in that shitty little office have been promoted, or moved on to bigger and more interesting projects, and are now getting paid more money – and heading for interesting careers.

When not sitting in a darkened room clicking a mouse, Geoff spent so much time boring his friends with tales from the virtual felt that his only friends are similar anonymous wraiths from the online forums.

He is still amazed that the girls on online dating sites show no respect for his balla status and never quite get to the dating stage. He’d love to meet them in bars, but Friday night is prime grinding time, and besides – he has put on a bit too much weight since his grinding routine only involves moving from bed to desk and back again.

With a 3 year hole in his resume the only way back is via the bottom rung.

The beauty is that 1000’s just like Geoff are buying the idea of freedom right now – April fool guys, April fucking fool!


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