Friday, 12 July 2013

Everleaf Join The Affiliate Acquisition Frenzy

Following the headline-grabbing acquisition of Poker Strategy by gambling software giant PlayTech, the spotlight has firmly fallen on the other networks to see who will make the next move. Well, dear Melted Felt readers, you need look no further. I am today breaking a story which will shake the gambling world to it’s very core. The stakes have been raised, the other networks will be left looking like sluggards… and, erm, other grand sounding yet ultimately meaningless guff.

In a move which is much more than just an acquisition, the Everleaf Network have announced they are buying for an undisclosed sum thought to be in the region of two figures.

Stephanu Conneru, from Romania, will remain as CEO and chief content scraper as part of this deal. Which will apparently see the day to day link selling activities largely unchanged. With a subscriber base of 3, covering 2 different countries, Everleaf will add a new dimension to their ability to get information on new bonuses to a broad cross-section of potential new players by adding garish flash banners to the sidebar of each page.

We asked Stephan for his comments on the acquisition – the announcement of which followed months of careful negotiations and included at least one low OBL ‘dofollow’ link on a separate casino blog. He replied that he was after $10 on PokerStars, and would be happy to send us $12 via PayPal in return – though we would need to transfer first.

Everleaf are apparently not stopping here. In a bid to boost their subscriber base still further they are at a delicate stage of negotiation for a somewhat aged Squidoo lens, and may be on the verge of acquiring 100,000,000 legitimate e-mails of currently active casino players all double opt-in and confirmed just yesterday (for an estimated $7).

Watch this space, dear readers, there could be some breaking news as soon as I can convince PokerStars that Melted Felt is worth every penny of the $10 million price tag....


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