Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Holdem Manager 2 Blackjack Edition To Be Released Soon

Full Tilt Poker recently released casino games including blackjack, dear Melted Felt readers. While I saw right through their ploy of trying to get their retarded players to lose a little slower by building in a house-edge, this did not stop me having a try. In fact I was able to use all my skill, cunning and ability to read a blackjack strategy chart to lose my money slightly slower than the other people playing… the best result I could possibly have expected!

With 4 other players in the game, you might start to wonder about their tendencies, their leaks and just how often they go to showdown.

Well, wonder no longer – those helpful chaps at Holdem Manager are developing a HUD system to help you mock your opponents in the Full Tilt blackjack games, while feeling superior to them for losing at the slowest possible rates.

Here are some of the stats that will be displayed:

VIPID: Voluntarily Put In Double – We know since you can’t really play without VPIPing, VIPD is a better measure of looseness. You should be doubling down around 11% of the time over a significant sample size, and any deviation from this will show you that the particular player is LAG or particularly passive. If you are acting after one of these players you can slightly screw your nose at their score, then continue as you were – since what they did actually makes no difference to you what so ever.

WTS%: The 'went to showdown' percentage gives you a lot of information about a blackjack player, anyone with too high a percentage is probably not hitting enough on 12’s or 13’s. This is valuable information for those who like to snort when someone else busts.

3-Split %: Many players will split, particularly against a dealer 5 or 6, some brave souls will even resplit their split (assuming it was not aces, which only split once). The 3-Split% relates directly to those players who go the whole way and split for the 3rd time, giving themselves 4 hands to lose to the dealer’s runner-runner-runner 21 with.

Attempt To Steal: Stealing when you have a 16 is so obviously suicidal that even complete blackjack fish know better. This HUD Stat instead shows attempt to steal the dealer’s 10 when on 5th base. Hitting on a bad card, taking the 10 that would have busted the dealer and then seeing him hit that miracle 6 is not only proof that you are a retard who ruined the hand for the entire table – but proof that the people calling you a retard have no real clue about the random distribution of cards and would be better of quitting completely and taking up golf instead.

A stat to assist with card counting was considered, then abandoned when the HM2 development team realized that your average poker player starts to get confused when they run out of fingers.

Fining Your Own Leaks

Holdem Manager (Blackjack Edition) will also have a special feature to use your own database of hands to spot your own leaks. My recommendation is that you look the difference between your blue line and your red line, and try to understand that any positive result in the green is just pure fucking chance and will not last over any significant sample size.

If you play really well, then you can compare the losses on blackjack to those from poker. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know, poker is a game of skill and not gambling at all… blah blah blah, just be honest with yourself for a moment will you, blackjack might just be the game to help you lose that money a little less slowly…


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